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What should I write?

Please begin your letter with graciously thanking him/her for taking time to read your letter. As well thank him/her for leading the province in such a difficult time, all in your own words.

Introduce yourself as a small business owner in a particular field, or a professional etc. You do not need to say the name of your business, but it carries more weight if you do. Tell him in 1 or 2 sentences of the impact the lockdowns have had on your business and family’s wellbeing.

Ex) Honourable Premier in light of the devastating impact the lockdowns have had on mine and many other small business families and the lack of evidence that the devastation these lockdowns create is balanced by any true benefit, I respectfully must and will open my business. I feel I have no other option and I humbly ask you to support my family and stand with us in this move. With deep gratitude I will stand with you as you stand with us.

Find Your MLA Adress

Find your MLA here: https://streetkey.elections.ab.ca/

Office of the Premier,

307 legislature building,

10800 97 Avenue Edmonton Alberta,

T5K 2B6

Letter Templates

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